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.Patrick McFarlin (b: 1939)


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The new series of labels feature paintings by artist Patrick McFarlin, known for his vibrant, contemporary style, was commissioned specifically for Meridian. Patrick drew on his years living in California to create artistic interpretations of the geographic vitality and fresh spirit of California. Each painting captures the vivid colors of California, with themes of sunshine, water, mountains and meadows running throughout.

Biography: Born in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1939, Patrick followed his interests in art, “Beat” poetry and Zen to Northern California in the 1960’s. An artist with an impressionistic and bold style in sync with the northern California figurative funk, Patrick drew the attention of critic Thomas Albright to his work in San Francisco in 1969.

Patrick’s exhibiting career began in 1968 at Light Sound Dimension Gallery in San Francisco. He continued exhibiting his work in major cities including New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, Houston, and Santa Fe throughout the 1980s.

In 1990 Patrick moved to Santa Fe. In 1993 he began painting portraits of friends in his Santa Fe studio, named “Pat's Downtown Club,” which became a center for artistic collaboration. Patrick made more than 200 portraits of members in the Santa Fe community, which were exhibited at SITE Santa Fe in 1996-97.

Patrick McFarlin returned to landscapes after 10 years of painting portrait series in various communities in Santa Fe, Napa and Birmingham, Ala. He began in the '60s with cartoonlike sculptures and abstract paintings. Tight, Bosch-like canvases of the '70s and early '80s gave way to brushy, expressionist work. The Western landscape, a preoccupation that emerged in the early `90s, has acquired a European accent from artists as diverse as Mondrian, van Gogh, de Kooning and Whistler. Fresh painterly qualities enhance McFarlin's power to situate us in "Netherworlds." If Ibsen had painted, his world would have looked like this.