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Earl Denet


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Hopi kachina dolls are made from the roots of the cottonwood tree. They are used traditionally as gifts for young Hopi girls so they too can learn of the many different kachinas known to the Hopi people. Kachinas in the Hopi society represent the spirits of all aspects of nature. Traditional "Old Style' kachina dolls closely resemble those made around the turn of the century.

Earl is a resident of Riverton, Utah. He and his family are originally from the village of Sichomovi, on the east mesa.

Earl began carving in the old style when others in his family started carving these dolls. Urged by his father, Joseph, who always encouraged his sons and nephews to carry on the traditional ways, Earl's dolls represent the actual kachinas as they would appear in his village of Sichomovi.

He always paints the eyes the very last - for that is when he awakens his dolls.

Earl has been a featured artist with the Utah Arts Council and a recipient of a Utah Artist Grant.