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For Collectors of International Art


We specialize in the Art and Artists of New Mexico, Arizona, Southern California


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Description: Macaw and Argus Pheasant Peyote fan. Feathers include Catalina Macaw, Blue and Gold Macaw and Argus Pheasant. Other components include a brass fan connector, white commercial buckskin, #13 cut beads, glass beads and dyed turkey feathers.

About this Award: Awarded to recognize high quality in diverse media that do not fit into conventional categories.

Jurors' Comments:

A. Abeita: It's a beautiful traditional design with great color, both in beadwork and feather choices, with the beadwork being exceptional. J. Ware: Exquisite beadwork, feather and leather craft in a traditional Peyote feather fan.

M. Polyestewa: (of the Runner Up) I chose the Dye Chart because there is a lot of work involved in gathering up the materials to make the natural dyes and the little rug is all hand woven. With the utilization of the dyed yarn, it's really neat because everyone wants to know what the natural dyes are (come from), and this person did a great job of collecting the materials in making the dyes.